Decentralized Perpetual Contract for

What Makes Perpetual Protocol Special?

  • 10x Leverage On-Chain Perpetual Contract

    Traders can trade with up to 10x leverage long or short, enjoy transparent fees, and 24/7 guaranteed liquidity.

  • Go Long or Short on Any Asset

    Virtually any asset can be supported via a perpetual contract on Perpetual Protocol. Whether it’s gold, fiat, BTC, BCH, ETH, ERC-20s, XRP, EOS, LTC, ZEC, XMR, or something else, Perpetual Protocol can support it all.

  • Lower Slippage than Other AMMs

    Traders on constant product (x*y=k) market makers like Uniswap suffer from higher slippages than traders on centralized exchanges (CEXs) because k is capped by the liquidity provided. Perpetual Protocol’s Virtual AMMs can set k algorithmically to provide lower slippage to traders.

How does Perpetual Protocol Work?

  • Perpetual Protocol is composed of two parts: Uniswap-inspired Virtual AMMs backed by fully collateralized vaults and a built-in Staking Pool that provide a backstop for each virtual market.

  • Traders

    Similar to trading on Uniswap, traders can trade with Virtual AMMs directly without counter-parties. Virtual AMMs provide guaranteed on-chain liquidity with predictable pricing set by constant product formula.

  • Stakers

    PERP holders can stake PERPs to Staking Pool and Perpetual Protocol’s Insurance Fund is guaranteed by PERP stakers. PERP stakers collect transaction fees, and in exchange for that must backstop for the system.

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What is the Utility of PERP Tokens?

  • PERP Tokens

    PERP is Perpetual Protocol's ERC-20 native protocol token.

  • Staking

    PERP holders can stake PERPs to help provide a backstop for the protocol. In return, stakers are rewarded with part of the transaction fees plus staking rewards.

  • Governance

    Once the ecosystem is matured and there is broader token distribution, Perpetual Protocol will gradually transit to community governance and let the community decide the future development of the protocol.

Strategic Investors

The Team behind Perpetual Protocol

  • Perpetual Protocol is started by a team of crypto enthusiasts originate from Taiwan, with members all over the world.

Perpetual Protocol is live on Ethereum mainnet!

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We're still in the guarded launch phase - there is a cap on position size per trader